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As both a photographer and performer, I've found that the strongest bonds and connections in my life are built when creating. Whether we are creating images, crafting theatrical experiences, erupting into laughter or molding friendships - I come out of each job with fast friendships and memories I can cherish for years to come.


My days are spent capturing moments in time and celebrating the human experience in acrobatic, imaginative performances. 

So, yes, I look forward to creating something new every day and cannot be more thankful that this is my job.


A "Jill of all trades" - I've been photographing professionally for the past five years while touring internationally and achieving my 500 hours certification for Pilates. Next up? Finally learning to code so that I can really be my own production company!

acrobatics, bossy flyer, acro troupe
cynthia price, taylor casas, acroduo, los angeles acrobat

Click through to read about my acrobatic theatre company, Bossy Flyer

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